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Welcome to Bilston

We started this group in 2008. Since then, this group has grown every year. We have stated the group with only 15 members, and now we have around 80 members. We open twice a week on Monday and Thursday between 10.30 am to 1.30 PM. There are regular exercises, tea coffee, and cooking meals mostly every week. We take the group to outings like day trips, Botanical Garden, or other local Parks in the Sumner. We also celebrate all festivals like Diwali, Xmas, Vausakhi , Lohri, etc. We invite professional people to give information or advice on health,and safety, Including Diabetes .

November 2023 we held a Diwali celebration with local Councillors and our local MP as special guests. A selection of pictures from the event  appear below.

  Ek Onkar Group & Guests
Ek Onkar Group
Monday and Thursday 1030 - 1-30
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Ek Onkar
  Pat McFadden and  Ek Onkar 
  Ek Onkar